USS Constitution

Look at that behemoth of a ship compared to the Jefferson gunboat!

The USS Constition proved to play a vital role in the seizure of Fort Wagner during the Quasi-War with France.  With a man at the helms known only as Ferris Dellinger, "Old Ironsides" was able to provide adequate support for the attacking army.  The 4th Regiment of MHS's AP History Class, a rather motley lookin' rag-tag army laid the Fort to waste.  With such incapable leaders of the fort, such as Pete C., and his officers, the fort was soundly taken over.  After only an hour of preparation, in which all of the important people of the regiment got up to give a ceremonial speech, "Y'all the only family's I got,"  as one soldier said, they laid waste to the Fort in the same amount of time.  And, I mean, c'mon, look at that little gunboat compared to the Constitution; a rather Jeffersonian move by the Fort Defense. Also, on the way, one bystander was quoted as saying, "Give 'em hell, 4th!"  Alas, "Give 'em hell, 4th!"