Jake Delhomme: Gold Miner Extraordinaire


Jake Delhomme leading his wild band of brothers into the Californian hills to seize the gold.


Now we all now that James Marshall is credited with discovering gold near Sacramento on January 24, 1848.  However, few people know that Marshall didn’t actually discover the gold.  He was merely the overseer of a work crew dispatched to that area building what would become the world’s largest shrine to Jeffrey Lebowski.  The real discovery was made by a ragin’ Cajun named Jake Delhomme.  Due to his fiery demeanor and often unintelligible accent in the huddle, his fellow workers gave him the nickname Bobby Boucher after the protagonist from the Academy Award winning 1998 film The Waterboy.  A year later when Delhomme learned of Marshall’s taking credit for the discovery he led a pack of wild men into the country and called them the 49ers.  Upon completing the task of acquiring as much gold as they could stuff into three rucksacks, all of the men hiked back to San Francisco, began a football team and all lived happily in a house where they all shared one big bed.