In the Election of 1800, I beat Thomas who?  Anyways, I am the man responsible for the growth and initiative of the Federalist party.  Without me, they'd be lost.

Alexander Hamilton, the greatest economic mind to ever live.  Also considered to be the greatest President the United States has ever had.  He took the job in 1800, defeating the Dark Horse candidate, Thomas Jefferson or Johnson, or is it Jackson, I'm really not sure, but anyway Thomas was ruined when CBS aired their movie, Sally Hemmings, so Hamilton really ran unopposed.

Hamilton's Own: The 10 Dollar Bill

He was a striking lad.

Hamilton is also credited with instigating the People's Crusade in the late 11th Century. He roused peasants of all makes and models to strike east, fulfill their manifest destiny, and drive the vile muslims from what he envisioned to be the new home of the United States Treasury Department, the Holy Land.

In the photo above, taken during the filming of a movie about his life and death, Hamilton plays himself and, in this scene, dances with actress Alexandra Dodson, who played the role of Peter the Hermit's wife, who in real life was Nathan In Ivan Ross's Mom's Dress Ray Price. This scene depicts Hamilton's celebratory waltz with the wife of the man he just killed for striking his compadre Matthew Robinette's video camera with a walking stick.

The movie was intended to end with an explicit love/picnic scene. But during the middle of that day's filming, a scoundrel named Aaron Burr scaled a ten-foot fence to gain entrance to the secret filming location. Burr challenged Hamilton to a duel, and Hamilton, whose mouth was too full of cookies to tell Burr to get up out of his face, was forced to consent. With all cameras rolling, Burr shot Hamilton dead. Dodson looked on in horror. Thank God Matthew Robinette was there to lend her a shoulder on which to cry. He had gotten a job as lighting director after getting a good letter of recommendation from Tim Talley.