Hello, my name is Dellinger, and my teachings are the inspiration for this site.


The inspiration for this site comes from the teachings of a teacher named Dellinger.  Who is this mysterious Dellinger?  Well, no one really knows.  Dellinger his name, and history is his game.  He teaches US History with the kind of passion that Magua shows in The Last of the Mohicans (shown in class).  He uses a combination of American Pageant by Thomas A. Bailey (the same one who killed our former leader Jefferson Davis), and A People's History of the United States that he wrote during his study at Western Carolina.  His class centers around the what if's of history rather than the what really happened.  One of his former colleagues, known only as a fan of Thomas whatever his name is, named Cunningham, said that he thought Dellinger was teaching,"a warped version of history."  I don't really remember what Thomas's last name was since we didn't really study him, since he was defeated so easily by Hamilton before he faded into obscurity.  Anyways, thanks for the inspiration for this site, Dellinger.