August 26, 2000

 Yet another great day in the world of Robotinette.  The days seem to blend together, so its hard to distinuish yesterday from today, and today from tommorrow.  The meaning of life.  An age old quest, one in which many have spent years trying to figure out, but of which I think I have learned the truth.  Life, though it is a mystery, shouldn't be anymore difficult to understand than anything else.  It seems that life is a rather humbling experience, one in which there are many obstacles and hurdles over which to jump.  All of us dont make it over the various things in our way.  Such as me, I think I've made it over fewer than anyone else.  Still I go on, trying to find meaning.  A world of opportunity, with the victor getting a million dollars at the conclusion of the 17 part series.  Sadness, compassion, anger, sentimentalism.  It's all the same.  Ugh, it's 1:15 A.M., I'm going to sleep now, but those are my thoughts as of right now.